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“How Our Our Web Design
Expertise Led to
Increased Profits, Enhanced Visibility,
and Satisfied Customers!”

Boost Your Website: Pride, Profit, & Stellar Service

“After implementing their suggested strategies we realized a big jump in traffic and revenues. Their customer service is outstanding. Very happy client here!”

Jamie Perez

Owner/Operator, Derwoods Landscaping

Dominate Google, Wow Your Clients

“Sherry has been a godsend, patiently walking us through the design process. We love our new website thanks to The Code Nerds we now have more visibility on Google”

Brenda Perkins

Marketing Director - Always Green LTD

Upgrade Your Website, Upgrade Your Business

“We used Tony and his team of web developers for our website redesign after  we got a recommendation from a friend. Our launch was a success!  We are so glad we did so… Thank you”

Matin Lopez

Company Owner/ Operator, Lopez Bro's

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Amplify Leads

Amplify Your Business, Multiply Your Revenues, and Boost Your Leads with the Power of Paid Ads

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Increase Bookings

Enhance your online presence with a custom SEO-optimized website to elevate Google rankings and boost project leads.”



Boost Project Sales

Boost project acquisition with advanced sales and marketing automation, plus comprehensive follow-up and qualification services.


Create Raving Fans

Retain customers with advanced sales and marketing automation, plus thorough follow-up and qualification.

Tony Ybarra

Tony Ybarra

Co-Founder/Creative Director

founders noteOur mission.

why work with us?

Guiding local contractors to online success, transforming marketing with authenticity, meaningful connections, and remarkable value. Beyond services, we guide businesses on a journey where they discover their unique voice for remarkable results.

Sherry Ybarra

Sherry Ybarra

Co-Founder/Projects Manager

founders noteour mission.

why work with us?

Guiding local contractors to online success, transforming marketing with authenticity, meaningful connections, and remarkable value. Beyond services, we guide businesses on a journey where they discover their unique voice for remarkable results.

Tony Ybarra

Tony Ybarra

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Sherry Ybarra

Sherry Ybarra

Co-Founder/Projects Manager

Our North Star, Values and Principles.

Hard Work is Non-NegotiableOur culture embodies the relentless pursuit of excellence and remarkable results through hard work

Unbreakable CharacterOur character, rooted in integrity, transparency, and ethics, guides our actions and sustains us through challenges.:

Competitive Greatness:Our DNA drives us toward greatness, using competition to fuel growth, innovation, and excel in every challenge.

Sincere Expression:Authenticity guides us; we foster genuine connections in every interaction, service, and relationship, leaving enduring impressions.

Be True to Self:Amidst trends, we uphold our unique identity, fostering authenticity and innovation within our team and client solutions.

Know Thy Market:Market understanding guides us, allowing precise navigation through dynamics and trends to anticipate needs and lead.

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“Tony and his team of professionals put together a site that blows my mind! “

Kelly Gonzales
Kelly Gonzales
The Code Nerds provided good service to our company. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and promptness throughout the process! We highly recommend them as the best website dev company around Denver!
Robert Webb
Robert Webb
The team at The Code Nerd has been a pleasure to work with. Throughout the course of our project, their professionalism, go above and above attitude, and proactive approach were evident. They were really courteous, effective, and accommodating. They provided outstanding customer service. Highly recommended.
Elvira Henry
Elvira Henry
The best web design firm ever. Working with their group was a pleasure for me. 5 stars!
Mike Brooks
Mike Brooks
Given that I am very fussy and needed to redesign my website, I searched online for the best firm but came up empty-handed. That is when The Code Nerds saved the day. I reviewed some early drafts after approximately a week and provided my feedback. I completed the perfect logo and architecture in three days with no additional changes required. After working with them, I am always astounded by how efficient the website and back-end are, drastically lowering the amount of time we've had to spend tracking member's information. My new business cards were also designed by them.
Angelia Vasquez
Angelia Vasquez
My company received assistance from The Code Nerds - Denver Web Design's team in creating custom software to address a major problem brought on by a change in our regulations. Most businesses had to use paper to keep track of this new mandated training, but because of our new software, my business was able to save a significant amount of money and administrative time, giving us a competitive advantage. They immediately delivered the information we required when we first united with them. Our company needed to evaluate our current network and create an upgrade route, and the team was quite helpful in this regard.
Beatrice Douglas
Beatrice Douglas
Well done! The Code Nerds impressed me with their professionalism and attentiveness to our needs. I don't need to worry about the marketing strategy as their "M3 Magnetic Marketing Machine" program, helps me take care of my company's digital path while I can focus on running the business. Excellent service! I heartily endorse them.
Melinda Daniels
Melinda Daniels
A friend recommended The Code Nerds to me and when I decided to redesign our website we gave them a call. The team came out and meet with us. They were very knowledgeable and helpful answering all of our questions. We did the website before ourselves so we had a lot of work to do! What they delivered is beautiful and gives our business a professionalism I feel were were missing. They also gave us some very good marketing tips for getting new visitors to our new website. Our plan is to sign them up for some marketing soon. We are thankful to the team at the Code Nerds
Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
I wanted to give Tony and Sherry a shout out for the magnificent job they did for my partner and I. We absolutely love our new website it works so much better than the one we had before and we are actually finally getting calls from the site! To say we are happy is an understatement. Thank you for helping us through this you have been awesome to work with. We are excited to get started with the marketing aspect of the project now. We want to thank you again.
Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory
I flew into town to work with Tony Sherry and the rest of The Code Nerds team. We finally launched our redesign website amongst other things. We are very excited to implement some of the recommended internet marketing campaigns that they put together for us. I'd just like to say how much we appreciate the time that Sherry and the team took to get to know the inner workings of our business. We were able to craft some very powerful messages across all of our marketing collateral because of the intense deep dive they took into our organization and our customer base. Thanks team Code Nerds
Stephanie Burton
Stephanie Burton
This is one of the best experiences I have had with a marketing agency. They really took the time to find out what my business was all about before even giving us a recommendation for any services. Sherry is amazing to work with and she gave us so much valuable information for our business as it relates to our online digital marketing. The website looks absolutely awesome too! When you are looking for a website or marketing such as Facebook ads or local SEO they are the web design and marketing company in Denver to do business with.

At The Code Nerds, we’re all too familiar with the challenges that arise when marketing strategies fail to capture, engage, or impact your audience. Leveraging over two decades of expertise in web design and digital marketing, Sherry alongside our dedicated team possesses the insights and skills necessary to transform your website into your most powerful marketing asset. Dive into our case studies to witness the tangible results we deliver!

The Code Nerds: Turning Visions into Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

“From our initial consultation, Tony was extremely comfortable to work with. Tony did not just meet our expectations – he far exceeded them! We are so proud of our new website!”

Jason Johnson

Owner, Cedar & Soil

Surpassing Expectations with Superior Web Design

“Tony and his team of professionals put together a site that blows my mind! We are very happy and recommend them to any and everyone who is looking for a website that is fresh, creative and done with the attention to the details! “

Brandi Trumbla

Owner, Custom Grounds

A Testament to Professionalism and Productivity in Web Development.

“I have worked with Tony over the years on various projects and have found him to be productive and professional as were Codenerds for our latest project the rebuilding of our company website….”

David Postle

Owner, Commercial Property Specialist

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