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Make your business known to those who matter most and tap into your local audience base to increase your exposure, take your traffic to the next level, and make sure you show up first when locals search for “Local contractor services near me”!

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Why Local SEO Is The Future Of Online Growth.

Showing up is 90% of succeeding. If you’re there exactly when your ideal clients need your help, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be their #1 pick for years to come, and that they’ll never even think about an alternative.

Invest  in future-proof growth  while you  can.

How you asked? Read on…

Local SEO allows you to be the first one to show up, even if you’re not there, to help the most important audience base for any business: Their local customers!


When people search for your services near them, they’ll be met with thousands of choices, however, in their mind, the first result is always the most trustworthy: It has to be up there for a reason.

Here at The Code Nerds, we offer you the opportunity to guarantee that you’re always at the top of the food chain, keeping your audience engaged with your offers and generating more organic traffic to fuel your operations!

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Optimize  your local seo  practices without  adding a minute of  work to your  day

With the power of local SEO, your competition won’t even know what hit them. You’ll be cashing out all the organic leads that are in need of your services, and help them immediately connect to your website without you having to do any of the work yourself.

You’ll be able to increase customer activity, get more visitors to your website, and more potential customers for your business, giving you the upperhand in any market, and engaging your locals in exactly what they’re looking for.

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What you get…

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We stand behind our WORK

With each SEO implementation and website design change we make, we study how the effects of this change will ripple site-wide. That’s why we’re so confident in the work we do, as we develop complete systems that work hand-in-hand to achieve the desired results.

20-plus-years-experience-the-code-nerds-denver-web-design-and-digital-marketing<br />

20+ years experience

With a track record of over 20+ years in website design and marketing, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of a trusted marketing ally who understands the ins and outs of the industry.


World-Class Support

If you face any problems and technical issues, or have a complaint or question to ask, our professionals will be at your disposal exactly when you need them, giving you the expert’s help you need, and minimizing any downtime for getting your SEO process back on track.

fast support dedicated marketing manager the code nerds denver web design and digital marketing

Dedicated SEO Manager

When working with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated design manager that helps you closely monitor your SEO practices, and work with our in-house team of SEO professionals to make sure you’re always climbing up the ranks, showing up to your local searches, and optimizing your SEO process.



Increase ranking of your website in local search results (maps, listings)


The highest conversion rate of all local advertising methods


Mobile users can easily find your services, in search engines, directories, or social media

Google understands that many users search for specific local services and products near to them. More than 50% of Google searches have local intent.

How does that affect your home service business?

With a better ranking in local searches, your business will get more visitors to your website and more potential customers for your business.

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Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches.

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how our simple three-step process can work for you.

Our 3-Step process helps you book more projects like clockwork!

Get a contractor marketing plan that works for you based on your budget and your goals!

1. Generate More Leads

We leverage Google Ads, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, YouTube Ads to generate targeted & exclusive leads2. Book More Estimates

2. Book More Estimates

We build you a unique, optimized, high-converting website that ranks well on Google & helps you book more estimates

3. Sell More Projects

We leverage sales & marketing automation + done-for-you follow-ups and qualifications to help you win more projects

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From Where We’re Standing, You Have 2 Choices.

You can either go on with your life, face everything on your own, and trust your DIY skills to take your business to the next level and keep fighting your doubts without professional help…


You can choose to save all that time, money, and energy by letting the pros take the wheel, and invest every minute you have where it truly matters: On growing your business!

Seems like a no-brainer to us.

This System Won’t Be So Affordable For Long: Join Us Today Before It’s Too Late!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is SEO and how it works for small businesses?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a strategy used to increase the number of visitors to a website by ranking higher in search engine results pages.

It’s different from organic rankings; your business gets these by creating better-ranking content because it has more clicks than other websites in the same field.
Usually, improving your SEO begins with keyword research and choosing the best ones for your business. Then you’re free to use various tools for additional guidance on how to optimize your site accordingly – like social media campaigns or video marketing.
If you’re having difficulty figuring out what keyword phrases potential customers might use in Google searches, seek the help of an SEO expert.

How does it work for small businesses?

One example is when an SEO expert uses keyword research and site structure optimization techniques to strategically ensure that your business has the best chance of being discovered on Google or Bing’s SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The goal is long-term, sustainable success that builds incrementally while increasing brand awareness step-by-step. A vital tip for small businesses looking to utilize SEO is not to be fooled by quick fixes like buying clicks or paying people to post fake reviews.

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization that is tailored to rank websites on pages for regional searches. It typically includes things like incorporating local phone numbers and addresses within body copy content, mapping listings in association with Google Maps or Bing Local, and optimizing web text (SEO). It targets more geographical queries by providing user-specific information based on the location input.

Traditional SEO focuses primarily on ranking well on search engines for generic keywords as opposed to geographically specific results. Example: “Spider web removal.” Superior SEO strategy incorporates aspects of both traditional SEO and local, taking into consideration geographic nuances while still adhering to standard best practices across the board for site optimization.

How do I optimize my business on Google?

Google My business is the best way to let customers know about your service. It’s also a way for you to chat with people and respond to complaints.

1. When you don’t have any reviews yet, offer incentives for customers who leave feedback – this will help improve ranking in search results. Some business owners give discount offers, a free repair or service, or something else customers might like, such as coupons or subscriptions.

2. Upload good-quality photos of the customer service you provide so folks can get an idea of what to expect if they hire your business. It will make it easier for potential new customers who are unsure if they see pictures of the great work you’ve done for other local people.

3. Your brand name: If your business is a new startup, make sure the name of your business incorporates what you do. For example, if you offer gardening services, your Google My Business page should be titled “{BUSINESS NAME} Gardening Services” or something similar. Having a ‘descriptive’ title will help people find your business easier when using Google Maps/Google Search.

4. The GMB description section is vital too! Include relevant keywords to what you do in the area, so when someone is looking for your service (they type it into Google) or click on your listing (from Google Maps) it’s easy for them to see that you offer what they need.

How can I do SEO for my business?

Assuming that you’re new to SEO, here are 3 beginner tips to get started:

1. Use keywords for the title and metadata of your website, which define the “subject” of your web page. Make it about what you do.

2. Include relevant keywords in other pages (keywords usually appear as bold letters on search engines).

3. Get a Google Ads account to get more traffic from Google instantly! Most internet searches start with Google and especially searches for local services. Your business must be visible on Google because if people can’t find you, they’ll go somewhere else – your competition!

These three tips will be helpful for any beginner out there who needs some help starting their digital marketing campaign or boosting their new business site.

Does Google my business help with SEO?

Google My Business can be a great help to your SEO. If you haven’t already created a web presence for your organization, do so today!

Google’s strongest interest is providing a higher-quality search engine for its customers. Google understands that the best way to satisfy their employees and customers is to provide them with a quality service, and if a business ranks at the top of any given search it means that they are doing better than anyone else in that field.

The fact is, you’ll get more traffic or rank better if your business has a fully optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Why do we need local SEO?

Your website is the home for your business on the web. 86% of US adults use search engines to find products and services online, and 44% of those searches are local. That means more people are searching for businesses in their hometown than they are big box stores.

That’s why it’s so important to get your site visible in Google search results BEFORE a prospective customer in your local area starts typing into Google what they need to be done.

The higher you can rank for a specific keyword, the better chance you’ll have of drawing in local customers who look for that service only locally – saving them time – and your money!

Think of local SEO as zooming in to look at something closer. For example, a search for local “plumbers in Denver” will show local plumbers in the Denver area – nowhere else.

Zoom in even closer and search for “plumbers in Arvada” – and you get specific local results for that suburb of Denver.

Do you want more local customers? Plan to dominate local search results with effective local SEO strategies.

The first and most important thing to take care of is your website design. It affects everything else.

Hire the best web designers that you can afford, so they’ll create a local SEO-friendly site for your home service business.

Key points are:

-Using a clean layout with relevant images – anything too fancy might make the site look unprofessional and load slow!

-Limiting navigation menus; ideally, people should be able to find all of the information on one page or two pages at most.

-Making sure your GMB profile is optimized for local search results and integrated with your site.

-Placing relevant keywords throughout the titles, meta descriptions, content, tags, images, and other elements of your site.

How do you rank first on Google?

It’s important to consider that Google assigns rankings based on keywords, links from other sites, and many other things they track automatically.

Ranking first on page #1 of Google search may be one of your main goals. But start by aiming to rank in the top three or four search results.

Include helpful content on your site – not just links or promotional information – and making sure all of your text is natural-sounding English. Oh, and don’t forget that your meta tags are seen by Google too!

It’s a process of building trust and authority while refining on-page and off-page SEO tactics to get to #1. It doesn’t happen overnight!

If you need more help optimizing your site for Google, The Code Nerds can show you how.