Why Google Business Profile – Online Reviews Matter for Local Businesses

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Why Google Business Profile & Online Reviews Matter for Local Businesses

Wonder if you need a Google Business profile for your local business in the Denver area? Here’s why you do!

An impressive 93% of customers search for local businesses online.

You need to be visible!

As a local business owner, your business must be visible online. One way to do this is to create a Google Business Profile. It’s a free listing that appears when people search for your business on Google’s search engine. By creating a free business profile, you can control how your business appears in local search results and ensure potential customers have the most up-to-date information.

You can also encourage customers to leave reviews. Consumers trust online reviews and reviews can help improve your visibility in search results. In addition, online reviews can be a powerful marketing tool, helping to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Google handles an incredible 86% of searches worldwide and online visibility for local businesses is imperative. A Google Business Profile and online reviews are essential for success.

What is Google Business?

It is essential for business owners to realize the importance of managing their business profile on Google to help promote their business and be effective in SEO and lead generation.

How can I manage my profile on Google Business?

If you’re like most business owners, you want to make sure your Google Business account is working for you. Fortunately, our ultimate guide explains a few simple steps that any small business can take to ensure its profile is optimized for visibility.

First, take some time to fill out all the fields in your profile. The more information you provide about your business, the easier it will be for customers to find you.

Be sure to include your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. You should also add photos and videos to help customers get a sense of what your business is all about.

Keep it up to date. When customers see outdated information, it can create a negative impression of your business.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your Google Business Profile works for you and helps attract new customers.

Google Business Profile Basics

Google Business is a free tool that allows business owners to optimize their online presence in Google’s search engine results.

To get started, sign up for a free Google Business account here.

Once you create an account, claim your business listing if one already exists or create a new listing. After your listing is verified and published, it will appear when people search for similar businesses on Google Maps and Search.

You can update your business name, address, hours, website, description, photos, and more via the “Info” tab on your Google Business dashboard. Be sure to save your changes!

Google Business allows you to appear in maps and Google Local Pack listings

Your profile on Google Business (previously Google My Business) is a listing that appears in both Google Maps and the Local Pack – a list of businesses that appear beneath the map when someone searches for a local business.

If you run a local home service business, it’s essential to appear in Google Business. It’s one of the first places people look when searching for a business nearby.

Why is it important your business appears in Google’s Local Pack?

People are more likely to click on a listing that appears at the top of the page.

Research shows that around half of millennials do local searches for businesses on a mobile device, and 42% of those searches lead to contact with a local business within days!

Not sure how to get started with Google Business? Our SEO experts can help you create and optimize your listing.

How to optimize Google Business listings

One of the most effective ways to reach local people is to optimize your Google listing. By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that your listing appears at the top of local search results, making it more likely to be seen by people in your community.

  1. Make sure that all of your information is accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Add photos and videos to your listing to give customers a better sense of your business.
  3. Encourage customers to leave an online review to build up your reputation.

Follow these three tips, and you will increase the chances a potential customer sees your Google Business listing.

Gain trust and credibility through online customer reviews

Online business reviews provide consumers with confidence and your business with credibility as a benefit.

Here’s why you need to focus on online reviews – according to Bright Local research into customers and their interaction with online business reviews:

  • 87% read the online reviews for a local business
  • 73% focus on recent reviews (written in the last 30 days)
  • 52% prefer to deal with a local business with a rating higher than 4 stars

Many consumers believe reviews on the internet are as important as personal recommendations. Plus, most consumers say positive/constructive feedback increases their confidence in the business.

Trust and credibility are embedded within business reviews and local searches, allowing customers to get an honest and accurate view of any business.

These days, customers will often research a business online before stepping through the door or making contact. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your Google Business account is up-to-date and includes positive reviews.

When customers see your business reviews and strong online presence, they’ll be more likely to trust you and do business with you. And when you have a strong reputation, you’ll be more likely to attract more customers and grow your business’s revenue.

How to use Google Business for local SEO?

Large or small businesses can benefit from Google Business. By optimizing your business profile, you can appear higher in search results and reach more people.

Here are some tips on how to use Google Business for local SEO:

  • Make sure your profile is complete and accurate. Include key information such as your business name, address, and hours of operation.
  • Add photos and videos to your profile. Customers like to see what they can expect before contacting your business.
  • Use relevant local keywords throughout your profile. Choose words and phrases that describe your business and what you offer.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews. Positive reviews can help improve your ranking in search results.

An incredible 58% of local companies do not actively optimize for local searches – a big mistake!

By following these tips, you can make the most of your Google Business account, boost your local SEO efforts and attract more customers to your business.

Now, let’s explore another way to boost your local digital marketing efforts using Google Business.

Use Google Posts to Increase Organic Traffic

Many businesses look for ways to increase organic traffic to their website and generate high-quality business leads. After all, organic traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and often local small businesses too.

One of the best ways to increase organic traffic is through Google Posts. Google Posts are essentially snippets of text that appear in the search results when someone searches for your business.

They can include anything from product updates and special offers to news and announcements. Google Posts are a great way to connect with local customers who might not be familiar with your brand.

And you don’t need to be a local SEO expert to use Google Posts effectively.

Just follow these simple tips:

Keep it relevant 

Make sure your Google Posts are relevant to what local people are searching for. Otherwise, they won’t be very effective at increasing organic traffic.

Use keywords wisely

Using the right keywords in your Google Posts can make a big difference in how much organic traffic you get. So choose your keywords carefully and use them strategically.

Make it visual

People are more likely to click on a Google Post if it’s visually appealing. So try to include images or videos whenever possible.

Keep it updated

Google Posts that are updated frequently drive more traffic to your business website.

Focus on Google online business reviews

Local home service businesses need to focus on their Google Reviews for several reasons.

First, reviews are one of the most important factors in local search ranking algorithms. In other words, the more reviews you have, the more likely you are to show up in search results.

Second, reviews help to build trust and credibility with customers. In a world where anyone can create a website, reviews from actual customers can be the difference between making a sale and losing out to a competitor.

Finally, reviews, even negative reviews, provide valuable feedback that can help home service businesses improve their products and services. Listening to your customers shows your business cares!

In short, there are many good reasons for local home service businesses to focus on their Google Reviews.

Why positive online reviews matter for your business

Why are positive reviews critical for business success?

Even one positive review or comment can attract customers’ attention. Five-star reviews provide customers online with the confidence to approach your business.

Studies suggest customers who trust your website will spend 31% more than companies with a lower review score. In simple terms, positive online reviews influence consumer buying behavior.

Why businesses should want customer reviews

Online reviews are usually the first impression customers get of a home service business. As mentioned earlier, reviews help people choose which service provider to hire or buy from. That’s why reviews should be an essential tool in your online marketing toolbox! 

They are the online marketing equivalent of traditional word-of-mouth recommendations – pure gold – what business doesn’t want that!

What is the best way to ask for reviews?

As a local business owner, online reviews can be extremely valuable in helping you to attract new customers and grow your business.

There are a few different ways you can ask for online reviews, and the best approach will vary depending on your specific business and customer base.

Here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Make it easy for them to find your business listing online. If customers can’t find your listing, they won’t be able to leave a review.
  2. Include a call to action in your emails or receipts asking customers to review your business on Google, Yelp, or another review site.
  3. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and that the contact information for your business is prominently displayed. Doing this will make it easier for people to contact you if they have questions or need help.
  4. Provide clear instructions on how to write a review. If you provide easy-to-follow instructions, people are more likely to leave a review.
  5. Send an email after a customer has purchased from you or hired your services – and ask for a review!
  6. Consider offering an incentive, such as a discount or free item, for customers who leave a review.

Take these steps, and encourage more customers to leave reviews and help improve your online reputation management.

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What is a Google Business profile?

It’s a free business listing that appears on Google Search and Maps. It helps potential customers find your business and provides them with relevant information like your address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Is a Google Business profile free?

Yes, it’s free and easy to create a profile for your business that appears on Google Search and Maps. Creating a profile on Google Business makes it easier for customers to find your business online.

What is an online review?

An online review is when a consumer leaves a review on the internet of a product or service that they used. A consumer might leave feedback on websites like Yelp Reviews, Google Business, and Amazon, and these reviews are usually publically viewable by anyone who visits those websites.

People leave online reviews for all sorts of reasons. Some people post reviews to share their positive experiences with a product or service. Others might leave a negative review to warn other consumers about a bad experience they had.

What is an example of a local business?

A business that is physically located in your town or city. For example, a sandwich shop in downtown Denver, a landscaping or electrical and plumbing service company in the community.


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